Egg Curry


"This is a curry that my Grandmother used to love. It’s full of goodness and really tasty. Deep frying peeled eggs gives it a tofu like exterior that absorbs the tasty coconut gravy."

Egg Curry2024-04-04T11:15:47+10:00

Empanada Special


I discovered this tasty Filipino street food while filming 'Island Feast' in the town of Began. Delicious, flaky pockets with a runny egg yolk is surprise. The Filipino Longganisa sausage can be found in Asian supermarkets or substitute it with Chorizo.

Empanada Special2024-02-29T13:18:24+10:00

Jaffna Goat Curry


Jaffna, in Sri Lanka, is known for its own style of spicy cuisine. This recipe for goat curry is as simple as popping all the ingredients in a pot and allowing it to simmer until the meat is tender and the gravy is thick and rich. I've substituted the traditional [...]

Jaffna Goat Curry2023-05-02T15:01:15+10:00

Chicken Tostadas


TOSTADAS DE POLLO In a Mexican kitchen, nothing goes to waste. Yesterday’s tortillas can be fried to add to soups or make chilaquiles, or toasted until crunchy and served with delicious toppings as they are here. They are incredibly easy to make, look great and are so convenient to serve [...]

Chicken Tostadas2021-03-12T12:47:58+10:00

Barbecue Pork Belly Skewers


This simple Filipino recipe for pork belly skewers is perfect for beach parties and summer barbecues. It has a few unusual ingredients, including lemonade, but the results are delicious.

Barbecue Pork Belly Skewers2021-03-12T12:35:11+10:00

Black Pepper Beef


This recipe was one of my Father’s all time favourite’s. Simple, quick and tasty, it goes down perfectly with a glass of Arrack or a cold beer.

Black Pepper Beef2021-03-09T16:02:59+10:00

King’s Chicken Curry


This recipe is different from the one in my book. It was found on an old palm leaf and transcribed into a book called “Food of the Ancient Kings” and incorporates a very unusual secret ingredient for a totally unique flavour. Watch a Demonstration »

King’s Chicken Curry2021-03-12T12:19:14+10:00