Mustard Fish Curry


When making a fish curry always use a firm-fleshed fish such as tuna, trevally or mackerel as I've used here. A white fish curry like this one is highly spiced but not too hot like a black curry. As a child in Sri Lanka, I progressed from no-heat kiri-hodi (coconut [...]

Mustard Fish Curry2021-07-29T14:30:11+10:00

Smoked Ocean Trout with Asian Salad and Nam Jim


I first made this in Mexico, using river trout, but Tasmanian Petuna ocean trout takes it to another level. The richness of the fish and the delicate flakes it breaks into makes this stunning. Add to this some beetle leaves and lots of beautiful aromatic salad ingredients and you have [...]

Smoked Ocean Trout with Asian Salad and Nam Jim2021-03-12T15:56:31+10:00

Steamed Mud Crabs with Ginger, Chilli & Shallot Sauce


This is a dish I created back in the '90s after a trip to Singapore. I was a bit disappointed with the Singapore chilli crab – not that it wasn’t nice, but it wasn’t what I expected. On returning home, I went into my kitchen and just reached for ingredients [...]

Steamed Mud Crabs with Ginger, Chilli & Shallot Sauce2021-03-12T13:04:33+10:00

Mexican Chilli Crab


I’ve had lots of requests for this recipe so I hope you all enjoy one of my favourite dishes from Mexican Fiesta. The Mexican term “a la diabla” literally means “to the devil”, and there should be something with a good kick of chilli to get you there. This recipe [...]

Mexican Chilli Crab2021-03-09T15:50:14+10:00

Smoked Trout Tostada


Though it’s a lot of fun to smoke your own trout, a lot of people don’t have a small smoker hanging around the house and there are excellent quality smoked trout such as Petuna that can be purchased from delis and speciality stores. The flavour of the smoked trout is [...]

Smoked Trout Tostada2021-03-09T15:29:43+10:00

Beer Battered Fish


Peter shares what he considers to be the best beer batter ever. He uses it to create a deliciously crunchy wahoo fillet, served alongside a summer salad of cherry guava.

Beer Battered Fish2021-03-12T15:53:03+10:00

Devilled Tuna


All the vegetables in this dish should be crunchy, so it's important you add them to the wok in the correct order. You can substitute the tuna with beef, chicken or more vegetables.

Devilled Tuna2021-03-12T15:53:14+10:00

Peter’s Tips for Perfectly Cooked Fish


A very chef-like way to cook fish is to pan fry with the skin on, blasting the skin until it is nice and crispy then finishing the cooking process off in the oven. Here’s how to do it...

Peter’s Tips for Perfectly Cooked Fish2020-11-18T11:58:17+10:00