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PK Product Range

After many years of customers asking for recipes, Peter has created a range of his most requested sauces, chutneys and dressings for you to use at home.

Inspired by his Flying Fish restaurant signature dishes and his travels while filming his SBS TV series around Asia and the Pacific.  Simply add to any dish for a restaurant-quality transformation!

Peter product range

The Peter Kuruvita Range:

Black Pepper Curry Leaf sauce

Black Pepper Caramel Sauce

Pineapple and Chilli sweet and sour sauce

Ginger Chilli Shallot sauce

Chilli Salt

Caramelised Green Herb dressing

Soy Sesame and Golden Syrup dressing

Island Spice Meat Marinade

Eggplant Chilli Pickle

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Chilli salt Chips

Chilli Salt

 Secret ingredient of the Flying Fish fat chips. Seriously addictive and craved by Peter’s restaurant customers – his Chilli Salt takes the humble chip to another level. Ideal for sprinkling over all types of roasted vegetables, chips & popcorn. Yummy sprinkled over eggs.




Prawns with Black pepper Curry leaf

Black Pepper Curry


One of Peter’s signature restaurant sauces inspired by the flavours of Sri Lanka. Perfect served over crab and lobster. Great when used as a stir-fry sauce, with your favourite ingredients.






Seared Tuna Pork belly Black Pepper Caramel

Black Pepper Caramel


This sauce is the highlight of one Peter’s most popular signature dishes.  A unique  flavour that will make any meal stand out. Ideal to baste any roast meat after cooking. Also works well over chicken lamb or beef kebabs. Great drizzled over any BBQ’d or grilled fish.





Ginger Chilli Crab

Ginger Chilli Shallot


Peter’s original signature recipe for his famous Chilli Mudcrab. A zesty sauce for all crustaceans. Simply add sauce to seafood, simmer and enjoy. Can also be used as a marinade for chicken kebabs, drizzled over any fish or spice up a stir-fry. This sauce is crying out for a fresh mud crab or prawns.




Chilli Pineapple


Developed while filming Island Feast, invoking island flavours and the right amount of spice. Perfect served with Thai style fish cakes, BBQ fish and grilled prawns. Great with tofu or any stir- fry.