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Sydney Morning Herald Entertainment “What’s on TV December 15”

What an honour just to have Coastal Kitchen featured in the Sydney Morning Herald’s Entertainment section, but wait until you read the review!


Thank you to journalist Larissa Dubecki for these words:

The Everyman of the TV chef world, Peter Kuruvita has based his latest series around his Sunshine Coast sea change and come up with a little gem. The Aussie-by-way-of-Sri Lankan ancestry is that rarest of creatures: a TV chef who just gets on with the business of cooking and makes recipes viewers might actually be inspired to try at home instead of quailing before their impossibility. For a telly audience used to the endlessly padded-out soft-focus lifestyle puff, it’s almost shocking the way he heads straight into the recipe for pippies with Sri Lankan XO the minute the opening credits stop rolling. Even a more magazine-style segment about mozzarella making is imbued with that practical can-do aura. He’s a font of practical kitchen wisdom (wet the spoon to stop your quenelle sticking – who knew?), and there’s a grilled miso eggplant, haloumi and fermented vegetable burger that’s rocketed to the top of the what-to-cook list this weekend. Clone this man, immediately. Larissa Dubecki

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