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Traveller: Sri Lanka: The World’s Newest Five Star Destination

This is one of the best articles I have read in a long time on Sri Lanka. Gifted journalist Lee Tulloch paints a picture of the real Sri Lanka, a beautiful country long torn apart by war and violence, that is finally healing and coming into its own as one of the world’s most incredible travel destinations.

“The first time I visited Sri Lanka, four years ago, I was smitten by the sensuality of this tear-shaped island of terraced tea plantations, dense jungles, empty beaches, vine-covered ancient ruins, king coconut groves, cinnamon forests, and the fragile beauty of its dilapidated colonial-era architecture.” Tulloch writes. “Sri Lanka is changing, and most of it is for the best.”

The article mentions the wonderful Cape Weligama Resort, and the unparalleled work of the MJF Charitable Foundation.

peter kuruvita and surboard in sri lankaI had the honour to be featured in Ms Tulloch’s article. It is the first introduction into an exciting project I have been working on for a long time with my friend from Thomas Surfboards. I spent too many years watching my little Lankan brothers and sisters surfing on esky lids or pieces of wood. Along with Thomas, we’re going to do something about it.

“On previous visits, Kuruvita noted that the local kids, who hang out on the beach with little prospect of a future, surf on broken boards, bits of wood, anything floatable they can lay their hands on. There’s nowhere locally to repair boards or produce new ones. This inspired him to think about starting a factory to teach the kids shaping and glassing, as well as administration and marketing skills.

His partner in the surfboard factory is Thomas Bexon, a shaggy-bearded Sunshine Coast boy who has a well-regarded eponymous shaping business in Noosa, specialising in long boards. Kuruvita, also Noosa-based, met Bexon when he came into the surfboard factory to have a haircut (yes, there’s a barber shop in it too.) Bexon initially will be dividing his time between Australia and Sri Lanka and the factory should be fully operational at the end of 2016.”

I hope you will take a few moments to read the whole article, it is beautifully written and a testament to Sri Lanka.


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