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An official promotional photo of the 80th AWW anniversary High Tea

Australian Women’s Weekly’s 80th Anniversary High Tea

For as long as I’ve lived in this country I can remember the Australian Women’s Weekly being a favourite of all the ladies in my life. So it was no surprise to me that this great publication was having it’s 80th birthday party this year.

What better way to celebrate than with a proper Dilmah High Tea?

I was honoured to join an impressive line of ambassadors and celebrities who took part in this event, held in Centennial Park on Tuesday the 27th of August.

An official promotional photo of the 80th AWW anniversary High Tea

As many of you know I have worked closely with Dilmah for some time, I believe in their ethos of giving back to the land their products come from and I have yet to taste a higher quality tea.

Tea tastings with Dilmah

During the 2-hour event a number of Dilmah teas were on taste including;

– Single Region Selection English Breakfast
– Single Region Selection Earl Grey
– Single Region Selection English Afternoon
– Exceptional Fragrant Jasmine Green Tea
– Exceptional Rose with French Vanilla tea

I discussed flavour infusion and how tea can be so much more than a drink. Throughout Dilmah’s ‘Real High Tea’ recipe section you can find sweets, savouries and drinks that all use clever tea infusions to enhance the flavours in a dish and give it a special touch. CLICK HERE for some of Dilmah’s infusion recipes.

Stories and tales of everyone’s experiences with the Australian Women’s Weekly

Some of the tasty high tea treats

Do you have a favourite tea to infuse in your cooking? Tell me about it in a comment below.

Ovarian Cancer ambassador Megan Gale was a host of the event and it was a pleasure to meet her. In addition to being very beautiful she is an incredibly kind and lovely person. She introduced an in spiring young woman named Kate who survived ovarian cancer at a young age and has gone on to raise a beautiful family and lead a healthy, happy life.

With Ovarian Cancer ambassador and model Megan Gale

Megan and the Women’s Weekly High Tea with Dilmah encourage others around Australia – not just women – to organise their own High Teas with friends, family and co-workers in support of cancer research and awareness.

I also met Di Morrissey, renowned Australian author of over 20 books. We had a wonderful chat about Sri Lanka, you never know, we may see something about this beautiful country in one of Di’s future publications.

With author Di Morrissey

With the editor of the Australian Women’s Weekly, Helen McCabe

The event continued on to Brisbane, Melbourne, and Adelaide and was a pleasure to be a part of. If you’re on Facebook or Twitter, like and follow the Australian Women’s Weekly, Megan Gale, Di Morrissey and Dilmah‘s Facebook pages for more and pick up a copy of the special 80th birthday edition of the Australian Women’s Weekly.

Pick up a copy at your newsagency

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