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Sri Lanka Tour Day 1: Pettah Market, Taj Restaurant, Sri Lankan food!

Waking up on my first day in Colombo it felt so good to be back in Sri Lanka. This is a particularly exciting trip since it’s my first organised culinary tour with World Expeditions. They’ve already planned another for October / November this year.

Day 1 we travelled to Pettah Market, it’s the busiest and most hectic street market in Colombo. You can buy pretty much anything here and if it’s your first time to Sri Lanka you can’t miss it.

On the bus to Pettah Market

Pettah is brimming with things for sale – bundles of clothing, electronics, souvenirs and my favourite – fresh, local food. This tour is about showing MY Sri Lanka, the real Sri Lanka, and so much of this country’s identity comes from its tastebuds.

Entering Pettah Market

You can buy pretty much anything here

Everyone was amazed at the colour and the vibrancy. They loved the sounds, smells and friendly nature of the Sri Lankan locals.

Inside Pettah Market is a rainbow of coloured items, fruit, vegetables, knick knacks, clothes and more

New smells, new tastes and a new experience I’m excited to offer people on my tour

Sweet, ripe Lady Finger bananas are one of my favourite things to snack on in Sri Lanka

It was a very big morning and by the end everyone was excited, exhausted and looking forward to a shower, relaxing lunch and getting over a bit of culture shock.

The heat took its toll on us all but the experience was worth it!

After well-earned showers we all enjoyed lunch together at the Taj Indian Restaurant.

Traditional dishes served  in beautiful clay pots. The smells are incredible!

For dinner I wanted to introduce my guests to some real Sri Lankan food, here’s what we had: Prawn Curry, Black Pork Curry, Chicken Curry, Snake Gourd, Crab, potatoes, Maakarel, Pittu, String Hoppers, Egg Hoppers, 10 condiments, Bitter Gourd, Ambarella Juice, sweet potato, wood apple cream, buffalo curd, kithul panni, kawung, 11 varieties of banana and much more.

COMMENT: Have you tried any of these dishes? Tell me about it in a comment!

It was a big and exciting first day for everyone, myself included. It is such an honour to be able to show my Sri Lanka to my new friends on the tour, and you everyone reading this through the internet and social media.

As the tour continues I’ll update on my official Facebook page, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram so like/follow/tweet/subscribe and catch me there for more photos and news.


  • Sarah Says

    Looks fabulous Peter!! Hungry just thinking about it!!

  • Stuart hannah Says

    Great blog and very interesting.looking forward to the next one :-)

  • Stuart hannah Says

    Great blog, keep em coming Peter :-)

  • Horst Osterwald Says

    Hi Peter, I saw you today first time on Fox Traveller, I live in Sri Lanka near the tea fields and was hoping you would have a restaurant near Hatton (because the film showed the area around Hatton). Are there any plans for that? I would come for sure.
    Regards from Sri Lanka
    Horst Osterwald, Kitulgala, Sri Lanka

  • Hi Horst, Thank you for comments and I hope you enjoyed the show. Unfortunately at the moment I have no plans for a restaurant in Hatton though I love the area. Take care, PK

  • maithree Says

    Hi Peter, I’m following your expedition on Fox Traveller these days. I must say that the scenery you’ve used portraits true Sri Lankan beauty. Keep up the good work and it would be lovely if you can do another season of My Sri Lanka.

  • Anna Says

    Peter I really enjoyed all your shows amazing.

    I am looking for couple of clay pots( less expensive) in USA where can i get them and also
    String Hopper Mould as well

    Thanks in advance for helping me

  • I shall be coming to the tea at dilmar.. and look forward to meeting you.
    I have a charity for the children in the galle area,. would love to show you if you come south..
    I arranged rick Stein’s trip a years years back..
    I am English , but lived here since tsunami helping the underprivaledged children

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