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Peter Kuruvita range release

I’m thrilled to announce the release of my new range of sauces, sambals, chutneys and pickles designed to bring my flavours easily into any home.

From stir-through Ginger, Chilli, Shallot sauce that will make the perfect Chilli Mud Crab a dish anyone can accomplish to Bringal Pickle served on top of your own curry recipe my ‘Peter Kuruvita’ range are available now.

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COMING SOON – chatties, earthenware and Sri Lankan cooking utensils, stay tuned!

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Caramelised Green Herb Dressing

Great on fresh salad greens or served over warm steamed vegetables.

Ginger Chilli Shallot Sauce

A zesty sauce for all crustaceans, simply add sauce to seafood, simmer and enjoy. Can also be used as a marinade for chicken kebabs. This sauce is crying out for a fresh mud crab.

Black Pepper Curry Leaf Sauce

Perfect served over crab and lobster. Also delicious as a stir fry sauce tossed in to highlight your favurite ingredients.

Chilli Salt

Ideal for sprinkling over all types of roasted vegetables and chips. Can be used as a substitute for salt or scattered throughout a salad.

Eggplant Chilli Pickle

Eggplant pickle is a Sri Lankan favourite (bringle prickle) and is always on the table when eating curries or roast duck. Peter also recommends trying it on a piece of hot fresh bread or gourmet rolls.

Black Pepper Caramel

Excellent with tuna crusted in Peter Kuruvita’s Chilli Salt or brushed on roast meats.

BBQ Sweet Soy & Garlic Marinade

A versatile marinade for meat. Use prior to cooking to glaze and flavour your meat. Great with pork.

Lemon Coconut & Coriander Marinade

Designed for white fish & shell fish. Sprinkle over warm seafood fresh off the grill and serve with a summer salad.

Soy Sesame & Golden Syrup Dressing

Fantastic with any shell fish. A great dressing for a seafood salad, especially octopus.

Green Herb & Caper Salsa

Fantastic with grilled fish and salmon. Toss through a salad with shredded chicken & croutons. Blend a small amount with butter for delicious herb butter.

Spicy Kaffir Line & Tamarind Sambal

Use as a condiment with any kind of grilled or BBQ fish. Great to use as a pre-grilling rub.

Chilli Ginger & Lime Sambal

Best with shell fish, use as a condiment or brush it on before grilling.

Pineapple & Chilli Sweet & Sour Sauce

Perfect served with Thai style fish cakes, BBQ fish and grilled prawns.

Island Spice Meat Marinade

Brush Island Spice marinade over your favourite meat, then BBQ.

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