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“Island Feast with Peter Kuruvita”

My new 10 week series “Island Feast with Peter Kuruvita” begins on Thursday 17th May 8pm SBS One.

In Episode 1, the first stop on my latest island-hopping culinary journey, will be the fascinating surrounds of the northern Filipino island of Luzon.

I start in the coastal town of Pagudpud, taking in local fishing techniques, before investigating the culinary and architectural results of 300 years of Filipino, Spanish and Mexican cultural fusion in the town of Vigan.

Then onto the serene Banaue Rice Terraces, where I get to dress up and am honoured to plant next year’s rice crop with the locals, and learn the process involved in creating sweet rice wine.

Island Feast with Peter Kuruvita – VANUATU


May 13, 2012: SMH CRITICS CHOICE  by Melinda Houston         READ FULL REVIEW: SMH’s Critic’s Choice

Thursday, 8pm, SBS One  ★★★★

“it’s beautifully shot: landscapes and architecture both look magnificent. The food styling is just as good”

“Kuruvita is island-hopping through fascinating locations, starting tonight in the Philippines, then to Indonesia, Vanuatu and the Cook Islands, demonstrating his curiosity and versatility as a chef and giving us plenty to wonder at – and drool over”    ” the outcome is a beautiful thing to watch”

May 11, 2012 : THE AUSTRALIAN  by  Ian Cuthbertson     READ FULL REVIEW: The Australian

I LIKE Peter Kuruvita. Unlike many other TV cooks, he has a lot of humility about him. He is also the first TV cook I’ve heard expound on the theory of cooking with love for the best flavour, and his interest in the people he encounters seems genuine”

“the series is all about the most spectacular islands in the world, and cooking the fine seafood caught there. Come along on a cook’s tour of The Philippines, Indonesia, Vanuatu and the Cook Islands.”

May 14, 2012:  THE AGE  & SYDNEY MORNING HERALD  by Nick Galvin     READ FULL REVIEW:Sydney Morning Herald   The Age

Island Feast with Peter Kuruvita, SBS One, 8pm

“There is something reassuringly old-fashioned and comforting about this new cooking series. Chef Peter Kuruvita island-hops through south-east Asia and the Pacific, checking out the local culture and preparing dishes that are his take on the native cuisine.”

“In this episode Kuruvita is in the far north of the Philippines and the colours and stunning scenery are used to great effect. Kuruvita is obviously enjoying himself and communicates his enthusiasm both for the food and the country. This is gentle, slow-paced escapist television and perfect viewing as the autumn chills set in.”

May 14, 2012: MELBOURNE WEEKLY         READ FULL REVIEW: Melbourne Weekly

“Island Feast is beautifully shot, with every ocean, beach and bustling street market bursting with vibrancy.”

“One of the best aspects of the program is Kuruvita’s genuine interest in the people he meets. His personality is warm and infectious, his recipes seemingly simple.”


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