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New Year in Jaffna and the world is green and gold

The colours for this New Year in Jaffna are green and gold, and the whole place is decked out in it.

It’s home to about 85,000 people and they’ll all be cooking, laughing and celebrating the party.

Up until the civil war Jaffna had the second highest population behind Colombo. As it seems to be with most of the truly beautiful places on this planet Jaffna has been the setting of conflict and violence for a long time.

The main area of conflict (not counting external takeovers like British, etc) has been between the Sinhalese and the Tamils. Even today I have to be careful here due to my last name.

But New Year’s not about conflict, it’s about celebration. There will be games, festivals and of course, a lot of cooking.

I just recreated the prawns with black pepper curry leaf sauce that Flying Fish featured at this year’s Taste of Sydney. Not sure what I’ll cook for New Year yet..! Might find a local chef and get him to teach me a thing or two..

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