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Jaffna, and a busted tooth

Jaffna is the capital of the Northern Province of Sri Lanka and is one of my favourites. Temperatures hovering around 27 Celsius year-round and has some beautiful food, buildings and people.

Filming ‘My Sri Lanka’ with SBS Food has brought me back again to this wonderful place.

I’m struck by the effort with which it’s still emerging from the darkness of war. I like to think of it is as an unpolished gem, undiscovered islands like the ones in Malaysia and Thailand.

If you’re planning a Sri Lanka trip and want to come through this northern city, don’t expect the mod cons of a Colombo but I think it is a must for any traveller.

SBS Food filming set up

You still need military authorisation to travel here, but I believe that things will change. The beautiful places are always hit with the most damage and fighting. There is still a lot of work to be done but the only way it will be is for people to put Jaffna on their maps, bring in people, tourism, money and love.

Military escorts are still required


What ever you do don’t break a tooth while you’re here like I did or you will have to go to the dentist…quite an experience!!

The dentist chair

Here are a few photos to give you a better idea..

Jaffna has many hats – Palmyra plantations, Catholics, Muslims and Hindus all share this space. Many people who left 30 years ago are returning to not much, but if they continue to return the place will boom.

Basic infrastructure needs to be put in place and repaired. These beautiful people and children full of life are more than enough reason to help this place.

A ferry

Cooking a fish I caught for SBS Food’s ‘My Sri Lanka’

The shoreline

Friendly and beautiful people – so much heart

caught one! Anyone hungry?

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  • Muppy Says

    This looks incredible. We paid to go to Sri Lanka on a helping hands tour (nrma) a few years ago but it was cancelled due to hostilities. Would still love to visit this amazing country oneday.

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