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Goodbye Jaffna

The depth and diversity of character and culture in Sri Lanka continue to amaze me. After 12 days in Jaffna, I feel like I’ve experienced an entirely different country.

Since Jaffna is in the north it became quickly obvious that my basic Sinhalese wasn’t enough. I wish I knew more about the Tamil language. But as with any adversity there’s no point in letting it go with a wish is was different, I’m determined now to learn as much as I can about the Tamil culture and language. I’ve always loved the traditional Tamil music, it has a great sound to it. My father spoke a bit of Tamil.

Proudly, in the past few weeks I’ve learned a few words. Being open and welcoming people consistent with all corners of Sri Lanka everyone has been eager to teach me. It makes me feel very welcome and honoured.

As you can see in some of my videos, this area is wonderful, despite the harsh and violent events in its history. The food was excellent and the people always had a smile for us.


My favourite memory was on Delft Island, I cooked a Jaffna crab curry with a beautiful lady who reminded me so much of my grandmother.

And then it was on to Trincomalee, but that’s for another post..

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