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Mirrisa market at dusk - spectacular

Goodbye Sri Lanka, for now..

I can’t believe this incredible experience is almost at an end.. I fly back to Aus this week and can’t wait to hold my boys and see my family.

But I’m still reeling from the magical time I had in Sri Lanka with SBS Food.

These past few days I’ve spent receiving the royal treatment, helicopter rides, military escorts, 5 star hotels and getting to spend some time surfing with the surf school for kids that I donate boards to. That really hit home for me.

Here are some shots from Mirrisa Market, Hambanthoda Market, Walligama and cooking on the beach where we used an upturned old boat as a bench! A far cry from our stainless steel ones at Flying Fish!

Mahi Mahi on an upturned boat bench! Yum!

Mirrisa Market

Mirrisa market at dusk – spectacular

The SBS Food crew were incredible the whole way through, even when we got chased out of locations by cops!

Director Scott, frustrated after we lost permission for another shot!

If you haven’t been to Sri Lanka I suggest you place it high on your list; beautiful people, fantastic food and an adventure for anyone – no matter how many times you’ve been lucky enough to say “Ayubowan”.

Almost done.. this place really feels like home

More photos when I get home and have a chance to look through them all!

Hope you see you guys at Taste of Sydney and remember to check out my vids on YouTube!

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