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Wild Fowl…Fit for a King

The year..465BC..

The place..high atop Sigiriya, also known as ‘Lion’s Rock’..

The diners..kings and their famished royal families..

And the dish..wild fowl. Fit for a king.

Do you see the two mountains off in the distance in this picture? The one on the right is Sigirya. This ancient rock formation is now a UNESCO heritage listed site as well as a palace ruin.

It is thought that people might have inhabited it through prehistoric times. From about 5th century BC it was used as a monastery. The rock is surrounded by an incredible network of gardens, sculptures and caves containing stunning fresco’s (paintings).

The whole thing was built by King Kassapa and is a do-not-miss-it destination in Sri Lanka.

I’m about to climb up there with 20 or so porters and crew carrying the makings of a full kitchen and SBS Food film setup.

Why, you ask?

I’m going to recreate the dish of wild fowl made for King Kassapa.

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