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On the Road to Sigiriya

We’re driving now, from Mt Lavinia and Colombo up to Sigiriya where I’ll cook the wild fowl dish. There are plenty of beautiful food stalls, markets, little restaurants and opportunities to cook along the way as well.

My Jeep is a trooper (not to mention the SBS Food crew!), battling trucks and drivers who’s road ettiquite conjurs images of herds of wild wildabeast running from hungry lions.

After some beautiful (if slightly stressful) driving the whole crew and I are in need of a little break – this is a video from our first stop at a gorgeous tea shop on the side of the road.

I’m constantly impressed by the amount of bananas in Sri Lanka: huge, wild jungle bananas, little red ones, sugar, finger, and so many more. The food in Sri Lanka is so vibrant and full of flavour. I struggle to remember the word ‘bland’.

So tell me in a comment: what is your favourite tropical fruit? (I’ll see if I can find some to cook on the show!


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