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The eco resort bordering Habarana Lake where we stayed

Habarana Lake – birds, elephants, tourists and cricket

Welcome to Habarana Lake!

This is one of my favourite spots in Sri Lanka. The fishermen are constantly out in the middle of this 25 acre lake, bashing away for fish – we’ll be out there tomorrow doing the same thing.

Habarana Lake is famous for a few things;

1. Tourists. Most people who visit Sri Lanka will come through, whether it’s traveling by elephant, bicycle or driving in and walking, like we did. In fact have a look at the video below for a bit of pachyderm performance

2. Bird watching. 138 species of birds have been spotted around Habarana Lake. Some of these are protected and native to Habarana and 2 are endangered species. So if you have an interest in the avian community you’d love it here

3. Weddings. Due to the stunning scenery and luxury accommodation available in this part of Sri Lanka you’ll often see people setting up pagodas and getting hitched. It wouldn’t be a bad spot for it though..

The last one I’ll mention is:

4. Photography. If you type “Habarana Lake Sri Lanka” into Google you’ll find an incredible amount of absolutely stunning photos.

We were here for a few days filming, in the video below one of the SBS Food crew meets a friendly local, amusement ensues..

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