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The farmer, cooking a beautiful fish curry

Fish for a Curry, a Farmer and his Fruit

We’re on the property of a lovely local farmer, we’ve just been out fishing for river fish on Habarana Lake. His property borders the lake.

The freshest river fish, ready for a curry

The farmer grows all sorts of delicacies – pineapple, coconut and kohila, one of my favourite veggies it’s a stringy sort of root vegetable.

At night the farmer’s family sleeps in a hunt beneat a fort, set between some giant trees. He stayed up in the loft with a rifle and pellets to ward off the monkeys, elephants and other animals that would happily steal and devour his crops.

Also say hello to the SBS Food film crew, they’re something else! They’ve all been fantastic and supportive every step of the way.

This land is so beautiful and so pristine, I hope that is can manage to remain so, allowing my boys and my great, great grandchildren to come and cook here as I do.

I’m going fishing tomorrow, I hope to catch some beautiful flathead.

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