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My Markets

Here’s the first lot of photos for you all from my trip.

This is the market outside my ancestral home. Not technically ‘mine’ but these markets helped to shape the man, and the chef, that I am today.

When we first arrived to Sri Lanka from London it was all very new to me. Every Sunday there was a Polla (a “fair”) on and as a child I was very excited. Little did I know that this sort of a fair didn’t come with fairy floss and rollercoasters.

Every Sunday people come from the neighbouring villages and towns to buy their food; fresh fish, pork, and whichever fruit and veggies are in season. This is the epitome of a ‘seasonal menu’.

My dad showed us around when we were new to the country and delighted me with local stories and experiences.

I love these markets, some of the people in these photos have been there every day since before my family came to Sri Lanka.

Many of the stories and recipes from these locals are already printed in my book “Serendip: My Sri Lankan Kitchen”. Do you have a copy? I hope you’ll comment and let me know what your favourite ingredient is and what you’d like to see me cook on the show.


  • Ani Says

    That’s easy – you can’t be in Sri Lanka and not cook up some egg hoppers! I love the egg runny….and pol sambol. Yum!!!

  • Dr.A.R Says

    I know this is a late comment.
    I know the srilianka series is over.
    I know that you are in mexico now..but ,I just saw the picture of the veggie vendor and his veggie delights..I see the, star beans?Never tasted them ever.
    Maybe you can make a vegan stir fry with them?
    How do they taste,the star shaped beans?
    love and hugs,

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