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King Coconuts at 'My Markets'

King Coconut

So.. who likes coconut?

I most certainly do. I grew up drinking them with my family on Sundays at the Polla (market). And the best kind of coconut, aptly named, is King Coconut.

These are not your average coconuts, extremely heathly you can purchase the giant fruit at most markets in Sri Lanka, piled in bountiful mounds of coconuts.

The person manning the fruit stand will ask you if you want it opened, to ‘drink?’ or ‘have now?’.
Using an expert hand and a sharp machete the coconut is opened in an instant. Drink the beautifully refreshing coconut milk through a straw or straight from the fruit then crack it open and scoop out the soft and delicious white coconut flesh.

I think writing this has made me hungry for another one!

Here’s a video of the expert service of King Coconuts

COMMENT: Leave a comment and tell me what your favourite dish with coconut is!



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  • I like to drink it with a squeeze of lime and chilled down.
    I grew up close to Columbo and had two King Coconut trees in the backyard, so we had it basically any time we wanted to, really.

    We have an autographed copy of your book ‘Serendip.’

    We ate at Flying Fish and loved the Sri Lankan inspired prawn dish. The food was sublime, so tasty, especially the Boudin noir with large roe-off scallops. My wife Sara loved the silver tips tea.
    The glass-walled toilets were a bit “unnerving.”
    We own and operate Fish and Fowl in Katoomba, a fresh seafood, organic poultry, regional, local and imported fine food store.
    Tonight we ate beautiful fresh steamed Deep Sea Perch with ginger, shallots, chilli, lime & coriander + Salmon & shallot kebabs with oyster, chilli & soy marinade + a fragrant organic green chicken curry with fresh Jasmine rice and bok choy. Red papaya and lime for dessert.
    Perfect in the summer weather.

    Conrad Lodewyke

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