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cooking equipment

Cooking Equipment

COOKING EQUIPMENT – for real Sri Lankan flavours

I am excited to offer you some beautiful, Sri Lankan hand-crafted cooking utensils. These are the tools Sri Lankans have been using to cook, serve and enjoy their wonderful cuisine in for centuries.

Any piece of handmade cooking equipment I sell is guaranteed to have been created with love, talented and that your purchase of any items will directly help the craftsmen and women to proper and feed their families and villages. These utensils are made using techniques passed down through generations which are quickly fading in place of ‘modern’, machine-made alternatives.

Purchasing one of my products listed below isn’t just buying a piece of cooking equipment, it’s welcoming a part of Sri Lanka into your home, and the heart of it – your kitchen.

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Traditional clay cooking pots, as seen on “My Sri Lanka”, give your curries a unique, authentic flavour.

The clay chatty is a delicately glazed and fired clay pot used on the direct flame of a gas stove or wood fires.





This unique coconut scraper, while still manually operated, takes a lot of the hard work out of freshly grated coconut.

While coconut powder does the job, there is nothing quite like the richness of fresh coconut cream. This fantastic coconut scraper is the perfect kitchen tool to make your own coconut for your favourite recipes.




What better way to serve a curry than with a hand-made Sri Lankan cooking spoon? These sets of 3 spoons come in 3 sizes. Spice up the presentation of a dish or use them in your daily cooking like the Sri Lankans do!

SET of 3: $25

ONE only: $10