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Octopus with Surf Clams and Udon Noodle Salad


This warm Indonesian salad is one of my favourite ways to serve fresh seafood at its best. Ask your fishmonger to clean the octopus for you to make sure it’s done right, it also saves you lots of time!

For a video of how to cook this dish visit the SBS Food website:



1 whole octopus, head cleaned (about 1.5 kg)
100 ml olive oil
1 onion, finely chopped
2 cm piece ginger, finely chopped
¼ bunch parsley, chopped
24 surf clams or similar, soaked in salt water for 3-6 hours
200 ml white wine
½ bunch garlic chives, finely chopped
2 limes
1 packet organic udon noodles, cooked
2 tbsp toasted sesame seeds


½ bunch coriander, chopped
100 g golden syrup
75 ml sesame oil
100 ml olive oil
75 ml balsamic vinegar
1 chilli, seeded and chopped


Soaking time: 3 hours

Place the octopus in a heavy-based saucepan and slowly heat until the moisture starts coming out. Cover with a lid and steam on medium heat for about 1 hour.

Check occasionally and if the moisture evaporates, add 200 ml of water and reduce the heat.

Make the dressing by combining all the ingredients. Set aside.

Heat the olive oil in a heavy-based pan over high heat. When the oil starts to smoke, toss in the onion, ginger, parsley and clams and stir. Once the onion becomes fragrant, add the wine and cover for 2 minutes.

Remove the lid and as each clam opens, remove it.

Remove and discard half of each clam shell, leaving the flesh in the remaining half shells.

Check the octopus is cooked by sliding a sharp point of a knife into the thick end of a tentacle. It should give a little but still be firm.

Remove the tentacles and slice them on an angle into thin slices.

Place the surf clams, sliced octopus and chopped garlic chives into a bowl and add 2 tablespoons of dressing per serve and a squeeze of lime juice. Mix well.

Mix 1 small handful of udon noodles into the clam and octopus mix and combine.

Serve by placing a pile of noodles in a bowl and arranging the octopus and clams throughout. Garnish with toasted sesame seeds and any leftover garlic chives.

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