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Sri Lankan Egg Curry

The Kings Curry!

So we made it up Mt Sigiriya with all of the porters, crew, a full kitchen and ingredients in tow.

I’d wager this is one of the most beautiful cooking set ups you’ve seen recently.. it certainly is my favourite.

You’ll have to wait for the show to see how it turns out!

The products and spices available in Sri Lanka are impeccable. If you want to try some Sri Lankan influenced flavours at home here are some herbs and spices to pick up:

– dried red chillies

– coriander seeds

– fenugreek seeds

– cardamom pods

– black mustard seeds

– lemongrass stem

– ground tumeric

– cumin seeds

..and please comment on this blog with any questions, when I get reception I’m happy to answer!


And I have to attach this video for you – check out the SBS Food crew going the extra mile to get a great shot!


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