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Sri Lanka to Taste (of Sydney, that is!)

I can’t believe this incredible trip is ending in March. It has been life changing, eye opening and an honour to undertake.

But as every chef learns – there’s  no rest for the wicked. So shortly after I get back I’m bringing some of my favourite Sri Lankan flavours to Taste of Sydney along with my crew from Flying Fish Restaurant.

So join my mates Stephen Seckold, Matt Kemp, Jared Ingersoll, Colin Fassnidge and more when Centennial Park turns in to culinary central!

Thanks to Inner West Courier for the article

..and more..

Another excellent piece by the Inner West Courier

So do you have your tickets yet? I hope to see you all there, please COMMENT and let me know if you’re coming.

I can’t wait to share stories and flavours from my trip with you!

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