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The flag of Sri Lanka

Happy Independence Day Sri Lanka

For over a century Sri Lanka was a British Crown colony. But on 4 February 1948 it became an independent nation, officially the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka with Don Stephen Senanayake as it’s first Prime Minister.

And then up until 1972 it was known as Ceylon. “Sri Lanka” is from the Sanskrit meaning “Venerable Island”.

I feel very lucky to be in Sri Lanka to celebrate this Independence Day. There are parades, celebrations and a huge smile on everyone’s faces. Food is everywhere and we’re all celebrating.

Here are a few interesting facts about the Sri Lankan flag. Everything is done with care over here, including flag design!

  • The lion: represents the Sinhala race
  • The sword of the lion: represents the country’s Sovereignty.
  • The lion’s tail: signifies the noble eight fold path of Buddhism
  • Curly hair on the lion’s head: indicates religious observance, meditation and wisdom
  • The beard: denotes purity of words
  • The sword handle: highlights the four elements of earth, fire, air and water.
  • The nose: indicates intelligence
  • The two front paws: profess to purity in handling wealth
  • The orange vertical stripe: represents the minority Tamil race
  • The green vertical stripe: represents the minority Muslim race.
  • The yellow border: represents other minor races
  • The Bo leaves: represents Buddhism and its influence and also stand for the four virtues of Kindness, Friendliness, Happiness and Equanimity.
  • The color maroon: represents the other minor religions.

இலங்கை everyone!

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